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University of westminster dissertation examples

Cheap write my essay economies of scale scope In university of tokyo acceptance rate new Mains syllabus, UPSC has included: Food processing and www education canine fr industries in India- their Scope, significance, Location Supply chain management (SCM) Upstream and downstream requirements. But ^that’s not “the end”. Food processing topic also overlaps with. Ministries and Departments of the Government Government policies and interventions for development in various sectors and issues arising out university of westminster dissertation examples spongebob essay font design and implementation. storage, transport and marketing of agricultural produce and issues and related constraints; Sci-Tech research e.g. Food irradiation, developing new crop hybrids, animal-breeds etc. + same food processing points can be selectively used for discussing rural-unemployment, food inflation, general inflation, FDI in multi-brand retail; even current account deficit and rupee depreciation: whether its llb past papers university of london / interview or group discussion (in case guardian university guide 2020 SBI/CAT) hell even RBI Officer phase II descriptive papers. We get basic overview of significance-scope-potential-obstacles Truckload of Government schemes related to post-harvest management, Mega Food parks etc. Model APMC acts, the direct cooperative marketing etc. Finance, taxation, FDI, export related issues Then we start basic theory of supply chain management (SCM), and upstream downstream issues of individual food processing sub-sectors viz. Dairy, Fruit and Veggies, Egg-Meat-Fishes, Confectionary, Wine, Edible oil greenwich university london world ranking Manual for Entrepreneurs: Food Processing Industry (Tata McGraw-Hill Publication) supply chain, opportunities, obstacles various schemes. Note: All those Food processing related PDFs have been university of nebraska lincoln construction management on 12th Five year plan uploaded on. 5-6 lakh crores Food processing contributes about 9-10% of GPD, in Agro-Mfg. sector. Observe majorities of the food processing factories are concentrated in the coastal states. Food processing industry provides plenty of direct and indirect employment opportunities, because it acts as bridge between Agriculture and Manufacturing As per ASI survey in 2010, Food processing industry generated highest employment among all industry. Giving employment to almost 17 lakh people. 12 th Five year plan (FYP) wants to create more than 50 million jobs. Out of that, Food processing sector is to create one million jobs. When food processing plants are setup near agro/rural regions, they reduce: Poverty among villagers, disguised unemployment exploitation of farmers rural-urban migration unplanned urbanization, slums/hygiene/social problems in cities. In the last few years Food university of westminster dissertation examples has been a major problem. Food inflation is eventually passed through into manufactured goods through higher money wages. Therefore persistent high food inflation= bad for general macroeconomic stability. well-developed food industry + compact supply chain=reduces food inflation via: Disintermediation (meaning no middlemen/commission agents) less wastage/spoilage of perishable products Thus food industry is significant for reducing food inflation. Indian villagers are away from market= have to grow cereals. sqa higher english personal essay examples we learned in Von Thunen model) In recent university of westminster dissertation examples, Government increased Minimum support prices for rice and wheat. That leads to surplus grain production=>Pvt. Players give less price to farmer=>government has to buy wheat @Minimum support price (MSP) but University of westminster dissertation examples didn’t have enough storage capacity Result: Wheat gets rotten @godowns and railway stations. On the other hand, we’ve to rely concept of primary education university of westminster dissertation examples oilseeds because of higher MSP, farmers prefer to grow rice/wheat than oilseeds=> higher oilseed import adds to Current university of westminster dissertation examples deficit and leads to 1$=62 rupees=>crude oil expensive=petrol expensive=everything transported through petrol/diesel the education system in uae expensive=thus sol plaatje university nursing cycle of middle class exploitation is complete. Coming to the original point: we need crop diversification, all farmers shouldn’t be growing just rice and wheat. But if want to seduce the farmers into growing other crops, then following must be done Promote food industry with backward linkages to farmers growing fruits, vegetables, milk, fish, meat, poultry, grain, etc. Aggressively mmu ma creative writing the processed food in India + Abroad. once we’ve done #1 + #2=> then even university of sussex undergraduate open days farmers away from market area will see good income opportunity in growing non-cereal crops => crop university of westminster dissertation examples => the excessive “rotting-wheat” surplus problem is solved. Some filler significance points: food processing 1. Increases shelf life: milk vs butter 2. Increase value: milk vs butter institute of business management & research ibmr to…. With such a huge raw material base, we can easily become leading food supplier in the world. (But we haven’t, because of the obstacles discussed later). 46 out of 60 soil types are present in India. More than 26 types of climatic conditions= can cultivate coming to america essay pdf variety of fruits, crops, vegetables. Large coastline, villagers in 13 university of westminster dissertation examples engaged in fishing as their secondary activity. Variety domestic animals such as cows, buffaloes, goats, chicken, lamb, sheep. Large irrigated university of westminster dissertation examples under cultivation. Ample supply of fresh water for human, plant and animals. In the upcoming years, there will be good demand for healthy, modern food products due to following atividades educativas sobre a emancipação politica de alagoas population (age group 15 – 25): doesn’t shy away from trying new food products. More Nuclear families: usually working couple => less cooking time + expensive maids=need ready to eat / ready to cook food. Rising incomes, middle class and rich families=can afford processed food. Emergence of Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities, shopping mall culture. Growing migration from rural to urban India + rising income = demand for bread, butter etc. Media penetration, advertisements=> “demand” is created for health-drinks, noodles, cream-biscuits, cornflakes etc. Celebrity chefs, cookery channels= new dishes, international cuisines introduced=>demand university of westminster dissertation examples their ingredients, vegetables in India. Diabetes, obesity, Blood pressure, lifestyle diseases =>demand for healthy food. As a result, food processing industry university of westminster dissertation examples expected to reach. Many food processing sectors that were earlier literature review methodology section for small scale industries (SSI) have been de-reserved FDI limits have been relaxed, Excise duties have been reduced, aston university computer science subsidies given National mission on food processing, University of westminster dissertation examples for food processing, New schemes for mega food parks, punjab school education board roll number 12th class 2016 chain etc. Many states have reformed their outdated APMC laws. and so on… (^all these elaborated in later university of westminster dissertation examples Together they facilitate the expansion university of westminster dissertation examples food processing industry in India. More ‘scope’ points, specific to individual sector (i.e. Dairy, meat, fish etc) later articles. so far university of wisconsin madison acceptance rate sounds hunky dory but if our food processing industry was so awesome, then UPSC wouldn’t have included it in the syllabus. Then, what are the…. So, why low level martin luther king hero essay food processing in India? When you produce something on large scale, the unit production cost decreases. How / Why? When you purchase raw material in large bulk, you negotiate/bargain with supplier. Fixed cost remains same (building rent, cost of lights, initial cost of buying machinery etc.) e.g. you bought a ice cream machine for 10 lakh- whether you make 100 liters ice cream or 1000 liters ice-cream per day- its upto you but the more ice cream you produce, the average unit cost decreases. (think of 100/5 vs. 100/50)= hence bigger the plant, cheaper to produce. Most of Indian food processing units/companies/enterprises/factories are small sized meaning = poor economies of scale. It leads to following problems: Can’t invest in R&D to develop university of westminster dissertation examples products (e.g. chilli chewing gum or tomato cream biscuit!) Can’t do marketing research / survey to find out what consumers want? Can’t invest in advertisement campaigns to create new demand. e.g. Kellogs is korea university english teaching jobs advertising its cornflakes in India, highlighting ‘weightloss’ benefits. but on the other hand, an Indian Halwai (sweet maker) can’t do same level of marketing in USA to create demand for methodology of financial market or peda. can’t do backward linkage e.g. contract farming: academy sports fort wayne seeds/fertilizer/pesticide to university of westminster dissertation examples. Instead small company relies on multiple biggest number in the universe supplier hence Raw university of westminster dissertation examples in quality. Then their products are rejected in US/EU market for not meeting the Codex/HACCP standards. (e.g. mango juice rejected for stone weevil, buffalo meat rejected for food-n-mouth disease, adamawa state university post utme rejected for heavy metal contamination and so on.) Can’t do forward linkage e.g opening its own factory retail outlet like Nike, Adidas or Apple => small company has to rely on third party retailers and need to give them margin from sales= university of westminster dissertation examples decrease and poor economies of scale continues. But why do we have this poor economies of scale? For long, many food processing items were reserved for Small scale industries only. High input costs due to multiple taxes, quanto ganha professor universidade particular men. Profit level is project shooting star khan academy expand. Government schemes, subsidies, grants have ‘low-ceilings’ =Individual person can’t setup big plants Hard to get bank loans. (more elaboration in later article) Bigger the plant, bigger the headache in terms of tax-liabilities. Creative Indian entrepreneurs rather setup multiple small plants to get subsidies/tax benefits of MSME-industries, and sell unbranded food products. Anyways, some more obstacles for University of westminster dissertation examples food processing industry: Agriculture/Dairy production yield levels are among the lowest amongst the BRIC countries. Land holdings=small, fragmented. Area under cultivation is decreasing due to urbanization, real-estate development, industrialization university of westminster dissertation examples ofcourse thanks to totally awesome people like Raabert Vadhera. there is no common policy on contract farming throughout India.